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October 21st, 2017

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Twitter said it struck over 40 live stream deals last year and plans to continue bringing live content to its users. “In Q1 2017, we aired more than 800 hours of live stream content from over 400 events across sports, news, politics and entertainment,” a spokesman said in a statement. “The NFL was a great partner to launch our strategy and we will continue to work with them to bring great content to our passionate sports fans.”.

Austin is a boom or bust sleeper candidate as the Ram not named Todd Gurley who is most likely to capitalize on a friendly matchup with the 49ers. San Francisco ranks No. 31 in both pass defense (292.7 ypg), opponents’ yards per reception (8.5 ypc) and No.

NFLnetwork com. Week 1 Patriots vs Steelers: Game Time, TV Schedule. 4 hours ago. LEWIS: I asked him one day I was like, dude, you remember “The Five Heartbeats?” He was like yeah, yeah, of course. I was like, you remember that song at the end where Eddie King was singing, (singing) I feel like going. So when he was singing, I was like, Dad, can you do me a favor? Can you sing that song to me? Every time I call you, every time I you see my number, just sing that song.

Of course, the NFL Players Association was resistant, and threatened a lockout in 2011 if issues such as salary security

October 20th, 2017

in protest during the anthem.This afternoon, both the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans, who are playing each other today, made separate announcements that there will be nobody from either team on the sideline for the anthem.a team, we wanted to be unified in our actions today.

The idea came up in the negotiations that led to the 2011 labor deal between the league and union following a lockout. The penalty helped the Huskers keep possession and eventually score a touchdown. The federal executive branch also employed title insurance agents for an average of $74,480 a year..

1 in the 2015 draft to Tampa Bay.. They run a couple things. For those of you too young to remember the “Bo Knows” commercials, Bo in his prime was probably the most famous athlete in the world. Running back Donnel Pumphrey entered the draft as one of the most accomplished players in the country after his career in Southern California.

Bundesliga ( ebenfalls bereits 40 Minuten nach Abpfiff ). He’s my friend. 19, 2016″ > >NFL draft roundtable: What should Bears do with 11th pick?The Chicago Tribune NFL draft preview features a roundtable discussion with our Bears experts. The Chicago Bears chose Sorey in the fifth round of the 1975 NFL Draft, four rounds after fellow rookie Walter Payton.

3rd Round Pick: Rasul Douglas, CB Douglas was a healthy scratch, which really speaks to how far behind this team views him, considering the depth issues they have at cornerback. Nowadays, it is easy to come across sports display cases at the retailer shops that hold Baseball Memorabilia, Football Memorabilia etc.

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In 1958 the FDA gave cyclamate GRAS status Generally Recognized As Safe.. Hired in 1999 after working in associate roles at Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech, his JMU tenure includes two Championship Subdivision national football titles, sterling upgrades to the football stadium and a planned basketball arena.

Now cheerleaders get paid for practice, but pay rates depend on the team hourly for practice and hourly or a flat rate per game.”. The family of David Warmack wishes to extend sincere thanks to his many doctors and nurses and care givers who treated him during his years of struggling health.

Hyde, however, is not signed for next season and the 49ers won’t get to evaluate fourth round pick Joe Williams, who is on injured reserve. Bauer also managed the Baltimore Orioles to the 1966 World Series championship and spent eight years as a major league manager..

It appears Riley’s vision for the offense finally can come to fruition now that he has the type of quarterback that best fits his system. The suspension stems from a DWI arrest in 2013.. None of the celebrity athletes who joined him on the 300 mile ride were avid cyclists.

Frederick set a team rookie record by starting every game and became a mainstay on the best O line in the league, earning Pro Bowl honors each of the past three seasons despite working with four QBs in 2015 and rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott in 2016.

The one time receiver also presents a matchup problem for defenses because of his ability to catch passes out of the backfield. So many players focus on recuperating for at least part of the off season. Louis task forces are working carefully to offer stay home option..

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On New Year Day, January 1, 2014, we needed to go back to a recording studio and do the voiceover for the script. That’s what our league’s all about.”. He is never off balance regardless of the rush around him. But the real power comes from you deciding to not watch..

24, 2017. He pulls his hip out, and now he can’t run as fast, hit as hard, get around corners. Sirius XM Canada Holdings Inc. TradeWinds Grand Island caters to families and includes a private looping waterway with a paddle boat trail, a miniature golf course and an inflatable water slide.

nba sleeved jerseys After Sunday debut, he said it was I had a nick in the ankle. When’s the best time to do it: At Williams’ salary, releasing him now will have a minor impact on what the Bills want to do in free agency. The defense produced a dominant performance in their 19 3 win against the. nba sleeved jerseys

Pro football has nothing. I just sat there and listened to everything he had to say.. 16, 2017The Memo: What to know in business this week for Oct. 12 inside linebacker. Coach Dave Doeren has added Blacksburg High School graduate and former Virginia Tech walk on Carson Wise, a graduate transfer who spent the past two seasons kicking for NCAA Division II member Carson Newman.

Fluker, Bobby Hart and Adam Bisnowaty, in some order. We have more work to do, and we will do it.”. It was going to take all day. You’ll absolutely eat it up when you see the “Trump ’16″ T shirts, the lawn signs, the bumper stickers; in fact, you’ll probably get a real kick out of pointing them out to your friends.

The goal is to keep viewers engaged and protect the $3.5 billion in annual TV advertising taken in by NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and the NFL Network.. 41 overall, in the second round. Said, was ripped when he came out of the womb. The New York J E T S Need A Quarterback.

Leadership: Passion In The Workplace – Why Does it Die?

August 7th, 2010
It is 10.30 in the morning. Candidates are being interviewed. Later that day a candidate is selected for the role subject to reference checks. References are excellent. The successful candidate is strong in the areas required. The candidate’s passion for the organisation and for the role is very high.

Eighteen months later, despite passion for the organisation and the role, this employee resigns. What went Wrong? Let’s examine possible causes for the resignation. First, we must understand the meaning of passion.

What is passion?

Passion is strong emotion, strong enthusiasm for a thing, for doing, (The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary).  In the workplace, passion is being very enthusiastic about what you are doing.

However passion without self-control, discipline and determination results in failure. Why? Because in the workplace enthusiasm needs to be focused on meeting performance requirements on a day to day basis. And it is at this point that passion can deteriorate into job dissatisfaction and conflict.

Why does passion die?

I am often asked “What can leaders do to create passion in employees?”. This is the wrong question. The question should be “Why do employees lose their passion?”.

Just as a tooth ache can be caused by many things, there can be many causes for employees losing their passion – the passion they had when they were recruited. Some typical causes include:

  • Poor leadership processes
  • Lack of recognition for achievements
  • Unclear role requirements
  • Strange pay structures
  • Strange organisation structures and reporting lines
  • Workplace conflict

 These factors drain away the positive energy of employees. Eventually they have only sufficient energy to meet minimum performance requirements, or they resign and move on.

Leader’s attempts to repair the damage rarely succeed. It is too late. Organisation performance declines and employees are no longer a competitive advantage, instead, they become a millstone around the organisation’s neck.

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May 23rd, 2010

People Advantage: Make Sure You Are Paying The Right Money to the Right People for the Right Work  - Before Implementing Expensive Leadership Programs

Many commercial, government and Not-For-Profit non-government organizations continue to struggle with attracting, retaining and developing effective leaders. Why? Because they do not adhere to fundamental logical common sense. The fundamental logical common sense action is to first ensure that the right money is paid to the right people for the right work!

Unfortunately fundamental logical common sense is not common. Why is this so?

Lack of Awareness

Many organizations assume they are paying the right money for the right people. They also assume that the work is clearly understood. As a result these organizations unknowingly pay too much to some people and too little to other people. They do this because they are unaware of the need to ensure that the work is clearly understood and has been clustered appropriately, by levels of complexity, into roles to be performed by people. This lack of clarity can stretch across the whole organization.

When organizations do not clearly define the roles to be performed they cannot determine what to pay people. And they cannot determine which people are the high performers and which are the low performers. No wonder so many organizations struggle to be competitive!

It is a downward spiral. The best people leave and over time the organization performance drops and it becomes increasingly difficult to attract and keep good performers.

When should leadership Programs be Implemented?

The logical common sense answer is: After, and only after, the organization has obtained independent advice that it is paying the right money to the right people for the right work.

 If verification is not sought there may be a significant risk that expensive leadership programs will have little positive impact on the competitiveness of the organization.

Dallas Burgess

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People: The Key to Sustained Success is Discipline and Rigour

March 12th, 2010

Management literature constantly tells us that the quality of the people determine an organisation’s success. If this is true then the decline or failure of an organisation is due to a decline in the quality of its people.

This management maxim also means that the life cycle of an organisation is not inevitable ie start up, growth, maturation, decay. Because if an organisation implements effective people processes it can continue to attract, manage performance and retain high quality people and continue to be successful.

If an organisation fails to implement effective people processes, and particularly if it is growing, it will become over reliant on external recruitment. Since talented people are rare, this will result in the organisation having to compromise on talent to fill roles – this is particularly the case in the current environment of significant skill shortages.

The key to an organisation’s sustained success are effective people processes driven by rigorous and disciplined analytics.


Understand roles across the organisation

A rigorous disciplined analytical approach starts with getting a clear and comprehensive picture of what the roles look like across the organisation. This goes far beyond the traditional standard job description approach, particularly the classic one page wish list of duties.

For each role it is critical to understand:

  • What needs to be achieved
  • What achievement looks like
  • How people need to perform to achieve objectives
  • What psychological and knowledge resources people need


The only way that these factors can be clearly understood is by rigorously analysing the complexity embedded in each role.


Understand the interlocking career paths across the organisation

 The interlocking horizontal and vertical career paths must be rigorously analysed to ensure:

  • Critical task commonalities and differences between roles are identified
  • Critical differences in complexity of roles are identified and career path steps properly reflect differences in complexity. This ensure sufficient remuneration incentive for people to want to progress in their career within the organisation


Providing a comprehensive picture of careers across the organisation encourages top performers to stay. Many of the top global CEOs stayed with the one company and eventually became the CEO because they had opportunities to perform in a diverse range of roles across a number of career paths within the company.


A disciplined and rigorous approach to the management of remuneration

 This can only be achieved if there is a clear, comprehensive and valid picture of the roles across the organisation including differences in the complexity of the work across the roles. Without this picture the organisation will match apples with oranges rather than apples with apples when comparing remuneration with published remuneration surveys. Moreover unless there is a clear picture of the roles within the organisation it is impossible to identify roles in the published surveys that are poorly matched and therefore give an incorrect picture of actual pay levels in the market.


Develop disciplined and rigorous performance management and development processes

 Unfortunately too many organisations treat performance management and development as yard work. Human Resources Managers are busy and under pressure from the CEO and senior executives to fix up pay and focus on compliance. In these circumstances performance management and development often gets perfunctory treatment. Forms are quickly developed and distributed, management is given minimal preparation and training and then the performance management/development system is implemented.

Not surprisingly the result is little or no change in performance levels and HR loses credibility.

A disciplined and rigorous approach requires:

  • Position Descriptions to be prepared at the appropriate level of complexity
  • Clear and agreed Key Result Areas and Performance Indicators
  • A simple performance and development cycle which is understood by managers and staff.
  • Performance feedback to be separated from performance appraisal for pay adjustment purposes
  • Learning and development action plans to be developed and there is a direct line of sight from the complexity level of the role to the complexity level of the Learning and Development actions.

Sustained success is the result of the right kind of hard work. The keys outlined above will get you started on the path to an effective disciplined and rigorous analytical approach to people processes in your organisation.

Dallas Burgess

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People: Are Your Team Members Typecast and Stereotyped?

April 14th, 2009

Many team members have been typecast and stereotyped. Usually their personality type has been compressed into four characteristics. This often happens during team building exercises. When people are typecast they are also stereotyped. This can reduce the effectiveness of individuals and teams. Why?

Team Effectiveness

When a person has been stereotyped other team members have a set perception of that person. This can result in misunderstandings and in people no longer listening to what a team member has to say. Often the underlying logic of the viewpoint is missed, and other team members dismiss the team member as simply behaving to type.

Typecasting can actually reduce communication effectiveness between team members. In extreme cases a team member may refrain from expressing a view because of fears of being pigeon holed and misinterpreted.

Individual Effectiveness

At the individual level a person’s career development can be stunted because, not only can other team members stereotype the individual, but the individual can stereotype themselves. Their self-perception and self-efficacy can be severely limited resulting in a failure to fully realise their potential.

Alternative Approach to Team Building

Taking a dynamic systems approach to team building avoids the problems of typecasting and stereotyping. A dynamic systems approach helps team members to understand:

  • How teams develop and change over time
  • How individuals grow as team members
  • How team identity develops and ways of facilitating effective team identity
  • How to understand the music behind the words – this is about meaningful communication and the blockages to meaningful communication

A dynamic systems approach treats people as mature adults rather than a small set of typical characteristics. Telling people they are mature adults is more powerful for enhancing team performance than all the typecasting and stereotyping in the world.

For more information call Dallas Burgess on +61 2 99573511 or visit:

Dallas Burgess

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Socio-Technical Systems: Users are the Kings and Queens of Information Technology

March 17th, 2009

Users are the kings and queens of information technology. One research model, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1989), predicts that approximately 40 percent of a system’s use is determined by what people think, and what their peers think about the system. People will use an information system if:

  • It helps them achieve their work objectives
  • It is easy to use
  • The quality of the system, particularly response time
  • Social pressure is positive to the use of the system

These factors are not sufficient to ensure full use of a new system. Effective change management is a critical factor (Al-Mashari & Al-Mudimigh, 2003) including addressing the needs of key stakeholders. This research highlights the critical need to develop strategic implementation frameworks that focus on key cultural and social factors.

So what does all this mean? Users are the kings and queens of information systems. Information technology groups that ignore this research risk implementation budget blowouts, non-acceptance of new technology, alienation of the IT group from mainstream culture and social systems, loss of credibility and unnecessarily high costs for maintenance and ad hoc fixes.

Davis, F. D. (1989). Perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and user acceptance of Information Technologies. MIS Quarterly, 13(3), 319-340.Dallas Burgess

Al-Mashari, M., & Al-Mudimigh, A. (2003). ERP implementation: Lessons from a case study. Information Technology and People, 16(1), Business module, 21-33.

Organization Psychologist

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Leadership: The Connection between Self-Awareness and Effective Leadership

February 20th, 2009

Self-awareness is critical for effective leadership. Why is this so? What is the connection between self-awareness and effective leadership?

When a leader has poor self-awareness they project their own prejudices, beliefs, problem solving methods and emotional state into the situation or onto a direct report that has a problem. An unaware leader does not know they are doing this. They are part of the problem rather than the solution.

A leader with good self-awareness is able to (metaphorically speaking) draw a mental border around their own feelings and prejudices, step back and recognise that their ideas and feelings are not necessarily appropriate and may not help to solve the problem. The leader is then able to listen, understand the dimensions of the problem and assist in developing solutions. The leader is part of the solution rather than the problem.

Dallas Burgess

Organisation Psychologist

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Leadership: It’s Time to Review the Role of Executive Intelligence Factors on Effective Leadership

January 24th, 2009

The current global economic crisis demands a critical review of how executive potential is identified and what criteria is used to select, assess and evaluate the performance of executives.

In my letter to the editor published on 22 January 2009 in the Business Review Weekly (BRW) I suggested that:


“… While a high level of general intelligence is important, the crucial

issue is the nature of the intelligence. The difference at the chief

executive level is the ability to identify and understand complex and

ambiguous factors, rearrange and reinterpret those factors, and

construct a qualitatively different clear picture of what the future

looks like. This ability is a differentiator between average and

top-performing chief executives. This is the strategic planning

capability that boards need to look for …”


When testing people for executive roles scientifically researched and proven personality questionnaires will often place a heavy weighting on the intelligence factor. This reflects research that shows how both the quantum and nature of intelligence impacts on many of the remaining personality factors measured by these questionnaires. For example, a leader with a reasonable level of intelligence is likely to more easily accommodate feedback about his ineffective leadership style – although this is not always the case!.

Alternatively, a leader who is struggling to cope with the intellectual complexities of the role, and is stressed, may find it more difficult to understand then adopt new ways of influencing people.

Caution – Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

I am not suggesting that organizations abandon the current emphasis on leadership styles and transformation leadership. However I am suggesting that there is currently a gap in the identification, selection, assessment and evaluation of executive performance. That gap is a failure to map intelligence related factors.


It is critical that organizations select, assess and evaluate executive performance holistically rather than simply focusing on leadership style. The context complexity at each organization level of work needs to be mapped. It is then necessary to identify the impact of the complexity of each level work on the psychological resources that executives require to effectively perform at that level. This methodology is also the key to identifying executive potential, particularly within the context of executive succession plans across the organization.

For more information on how to identify executive potential, select, assess and evaluate executive performance call me on 61 2 99573511.


Dallas Burgess

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& Executive Director


Over-Estimating the impact on Organization Performance of Individual Leadership Styles.

December 11th, 2008

Individual leadership style is a significant factor in organization performance. There is evidence that when the organization has performed well above expectations the CEO’s leadership is often considered to be the major factor accounting for the performance. When the organization has performed significantly below expectations the CEO’s leadership is also considered to be the major factor for the performance outcome. However when organization performance is consistent with median expectations there is a more balanced attribution of causes. In this regard there is less emphasis on the CEO’s leadership and a greater emphasis on factors beyond the direct control of the individual leader.


The total organisation context is very complex.  Some people cope with this by filtering out as much complexity as possible and focus on a single factor – often that factor is the current preferred organisation intervention. Currently leadership coaching is the fastest growing preferred performance intervention.


When considering the impact of leadership, and how to improve the leadership culture, it is important to take a holistic approach and consider all the critical factors that impact on organisation performance – particularly those factors that are beyond the control of individual leaders.


Factors that may be outside the direct control of an individual leader include:


  • Economic environment
  • Organization culture – a leader is both informed by the culture and acts on the culture
  • Industrial environment
  • Employee’s behaviour outside the control of the leader (eg, a key group of old-timers who cannot be dismissed actively undermining the leader)
  • Industry competition
  • Financial health of the organisation (eg, non-profit charity organisations with limited financial resources to attract and retain top performers)


In previous posts I have discussed the problems created by Change Silos (How to Avoid Change Silos – posted on 18th July 2008).  Leadership programs need to be considered and implemented within the total context of the organisation. This means all the factors that inform individual leadership styles need to be evaluated.


Moreover, consistent with organization renewal principals, the leadership program needs to be ongoing and continually adjusted and synchronised with the ongoing adjustments and synchronisations of the other components of the organisation’s internal and external environment.



If you would like more information on how to develop an effective leadership program within an organization renewal framework call Dallas Burgess 61 2 99573511 or visit and send an email to Dallas.




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